Matt Krieger

Security Business Leader | Cloud Security Architect | IT Strategist

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I am a cyber security leader with the background of a true full-stack systems architect with who focuses on making easy-to-use networks and systems as secure as possible. I have spent more than a decade working at all layers of OSI model to make systems safer and more approachable for developers and sysadmins alike. As a cyber security architect, I work with business leadership to understand product and financial goals and ensure technology risk is properly identified and mitigated. I have consulted with companies of all sizes from startup to Fortune 500 on ways to scale, secure, and maintain complex systems. I have spoken at local meetups and regional conferences on topics such as security culture development, DevOps user experience, and strategies for making traditional workloads ready for cloud deployment. I am always excited to discuss new projects and ideas.



Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Certified Cloud Security Professional

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